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Tiny Pin_Barry_Oursler_UK_Pinball_party

Constantly improved and new features* added ! check them out :

  • 18 3D printed parts, 10 decals, paint*
  • Scale is 1:10 of original pinball machines.
  • High resolution decals
  • Legs can be clicked on cabinet
  • Backbox can tilt forward and rest on playfield
  • Lockdown bar can be removed
  • ‘glass’ can slide out
  • Playfield can pivot upwards
  • Backbox illumination
  • Playfield illumination
  • ‘Under pin’ illumination (changing colors)
  • USB connection for external powersupply from computer or adapter
  • Plays music and sounds of original machine
  • Tiny LCD screen (WOZ/Defender/P3 models only)

* depends on model