Can I play pinball on it ?
Uhm.. the models do get better all the time, but we don't think it will ever be possible in this scale (see below).
It depends on your definition of pinball of course - it may be possible in a later version to shoot a ball onto the playfield. But then you would need a magnifying glass to see it..
(hmm, maybe a nice idea to put that in the model)

How 'tiny' is a Tiny Pin ?
Well, as the scale is 1:10, everything is 10 times smaller than a 'real' pinball machine ;-)
But seriously, the dimensions are 131 mm long, 56 mm wide and 190 mm high (140mm with backbox folded)
Also, check out the images of the models - they should give a pretty good impression of the size.

Are these the models I've seen on E-bay ?
No, these are *not* those models. (repeat 10 times)

(sorry we get this question all the time)

Tiny pins are 3D printed and quite sturdy, have more features, better decals and look more realistic than what the competition has to offer.
All this comes at a price however - they are a bit more expensive.

Why are they so expensive ?
It's all relative..
If you count all the work that goes into these models (minimal 2 hours per model) plus the R&D, 3D printing costs, costs of other materials, shipping, packaging etc etc,then these models are very moderately priced and the margins may even be too low..

Can you make model x ?
In theory yes - it depends on wether you can provide good pictures and measurements.

What about sound ?
It is always possible to use a recording of the gameplay and use that for the model's sound generation.
For some models we can let the model also play the samples of the original machine (check the video's)

Made in China ?
No way ! - Tiny Pins are proudly produced in Amsterdam - the city with (probably) the highest number of real pinball machines in Europe (or is that Paris).
When you're in town and are still able to walk straight, send us a note and we'll give you a tour of the factory !
(and play some real pinball, like TSPP, AfM, LotR, NGG)

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