What is it ?

VPtools is a collection of tools for Visual Pinball - You need to have Visuall pinball installed ! (and some tables)
It can be used to inspect/modify various components of the Visual Pinball software suite (well, that's the plan..)

It handles PinMame ROM settings *, but more functions will be added (suggestions welcome)
The latest version also acts as a frontend for VP, just like PinballX and PinballY (but less flashy )

What can it do?

  • Launch games
  • You can use VPtools as a games launcher. It supports physical buttons so you can use it in your VP cabinet : using the left and right flipperbuttons you can quickly scroll through your tables and launch them with the launch button.
    Besides launching games, it also adds some extra functions :
    • use wheel images for your tables (200 included)
      Need more ? Download zip with 700 wheels (128x128 pixels)
    • generate stats
    • add and display scores
    • add and select collections/groups of tables (example : WMS, Bally, Pat Lawlor etc)
    • make screenshots of running game. The screenshot will be displayed when you select a game
      Check out some screenshots here (160 tables, 2560x1440 resolution)
    • demo mode : a random game will be started every minute
  • Modify PinMAME ROM settings
  • The 1st version was inspired by the SetDMD' tool by BigBoss. Altough that tool is very useful, the feedback from it is kind of minimal.
    VPtools also lets you save ROM settings (position, size) to multiple ROMs, but shows a lot more about what's going on and also adds the possibility of starting the actual PinMame Rom.
    So it's kind of a hybrid between SetDMD and PinMame Test (a tool in the PinMame distribution)

check out the Help file to get a more detailed overview of functions and open issues/bugs


and sometimes VPtools will be streamed and you can see it in action : here


Click the download link on the left to download a zip containing VPtools.exe and support files. (virus free ofcourse ;-).

Screen shot

More screenshots

*The ROM functions of the tool modify the Registry (if you use the save functions) - so use those at your own risk !