Change log :
donate button :-)
ROMs : option to only save x,y pos of all DMDs + some GUI tweaks

fixed help text only showing after ROM tab selected

setting : start with specified collection 
random game button

lots of refactoring
Rom stuff now done only when tab selected 
Misc Ui tweaks
Random game selected on startup
Sessions tab (moved out of Data tab)
list view : sort on date now working
show icons checkbox moved to launch tab and now toggles list/icons immediately :-)
startup now MUCH faster once games are present in DB (1st use may take longer as DB gets populated)
new games now need to be added via 'Reload' button (before this happened automatically on startup, causing longer load times)
new 'Single Player' setting which hides all UI elements having to do with more than 1 player (requires restart)
pinball machines are now called 'games', not 'tables' (both names could be used, but let's follow the IPDB convention)

use 'show Icons' setting on startup

details in Games Listview + setting to switch icons/details

delete game : also from scores & collections
fixed nr of collection items shown on screen bug
lblScores text includes table name
exitkey references removed

fixed no items shown when collection selected
games in a collection sorted in Launch tab
nr of items in collections fixed
still a bug : nr of items shown in a collection will be correct AFTER you 1st select 'All tables' and then another collection

Launch game from collections

improved collection handling & UI changes

screenshots now correctly resized when starting up

no joycheck for exit button when launched
fix openmdcf file lock preventing table launch
some UI changes

Players tab & data

getPlayers from scores to fill combos
combos for player names
fix game not displaying coz HS is > int32

buttons only active when VPtools active
fix colletion delete bug

number formats in score window

numbers formatting, datagrids format & size

black background, purple top
integrate VPX spy for game info tab
uncheck edit after launch
better display of processInfo

12sep20 0851
scores tab : use full screen for datagrids
game tabs : screenshot, scores & sessions of selected game

10sep20 0850
tabs in right panel for game specific stuff
data tab : button to launch VPXspy
show games by default in data tab
more tooltips

09sep20 0846
checkbox to start VP in edit mode
reselect after making screenshot to show new screenshot

21aug20 0845
demo mode !
launch button only works when launch tab active

03aug20 0844
play button image
browse for tables folder, use icons
button to open explorer in Data tab
play sound for screenshot

05jul20 0843
minor tweaks, tables dir not anymore bound to property directly

22jun20 0842
session log bug
UI improvements

21jun20 0841
sorting of data
can now delete game from DB (in Data tab)
remove stop button

20jun20 0840
using process exited handler to detect VP quit
also show some Process stats

16feb20 05
Games Launcher

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