This tool can be used to inspect the contents of a vpx file - which is a kind of container for various data (images, sounds, scripts, meta data)
At this time it only handles table info, scripts and images but more functions will be added (suggestions welcome)
Latest version :


Select a table and click the script button. A window will open showing the script and some search options. For your convenience, several popular search strings have been collected in a dropdown ;-)
You can also save the script to a file.


Click the 'img' button to open a new window for browsing through the images in the vpx file.
Yes, you can do this in VP as well, but VPXspy adds:
  • saving all images at once to a directory
  • start a slideshow with the images (auto play)
  • show images in their original format


Just download the zip , extract to some directory and run VPXspy.exe. Virus free of course, but feel free to scan ;-)

Screen shots